A Quiet Place: New Trailer Offers First Look At The Monster

Published on 07/23/2019

When it comes to horror films, they’ve all been done. But A Quiet Place offers a whole new spin to horror flicks. Actor and director John Krasinski (yes, Jim from The Office) first stumbled on the spec script written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, drawn by its ideas of parents protecting their children at any cost.

This theme carried extra weight at the time as Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt had their second child at the time. Eventually Blunt encouraged him to direct and the pair later took on the lead roles.

During the Super Bowl 2018, we were given a first glimpse at A Quiet Place and I’m sure many of us were terrified into silence. The trailed showed us a behind the scene look at just how terrible the horrors are, the ones that forced the world into silence, and just how monstrous they look.


The trailer opens with a shot that reveals that while blind, these monsters could be unstoppable. Emily Blunt’s character is looking at a wall of monitors that show past military actions, where a whiteboard goes on to hint at just why this family is supposedly all alone, living in this nightmare.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

What’s Next?

So, if the obscured word is eat, then are their victims used as slaves? Or are they instead transformed into soldiers of their army? Maybe that’ll best explain the newspaper articles which flash by, giving some sort of clue of just what has happened to life and why so little survivors remain. It seems that these invaders are invincible.

Uh Oh

We see the precautions the family takes however it seems they stupidly forget to take the batteries of a toy airplane out. We hope the little guy makes it!

This is just the beginning of the terror that lurks. These monsters, we see, are big, fast, and have terrifying long claws. Plus we can’t imagine being pregnant while they’re lurking makes childbirth or your chances of survival easy at all.

Watch A Quiet Place In Theaters

April 5, 2018 is when this flick hits theaters, try not to have your pants scared off.