The Most Enjoyable, Top-Selling Board Games Of 2020

Published on 11/18/2020

Indoor activities have become a lot more popular within the past few months, and now with winter approaching, this is a great way to fight boredom. No matter where you are in the world, board games remain one of the best pastimes…especially on lazy days and relaxed weekends. They are known to be one of the best ways to not only challenge your thinking skills but can keep the whole family entertained for hours. Check out some of our favorite board games, there’ll definitely be at least one for everybody to enjoy.

The Most Enjoyable, Top-Selling Board Games Of 2020


Azul is quite a new game, but that doesn’t mean this board game for adults is one of the best one’s available today. Azul is a strategy game, ideal for smaller groups, usually 2-4 players. This tile placement game is all about a king who wants you to decorate his palace, so, players are required to compete for the highest score by claiming tiles and arranging them on the board. Players can earn extra points with specific patterns as well as completing specific sets of tiles. The player at the end of this amazing game…wins!


Cluedo is a fantastic board game that has actually been around for many decades. This classic murder mystery game is all about the detective theme that is actually designed for 3-5 players. Each player is given a character, weapon, and location cards. Cluedo is definitely one that everyone should have in their home. The idea of the game is that each player surgically moves through the mansion from room to room with the goal of trying to crack the case. For people who love a bit of mystery, this is an excellent game for you!


Friday is a single-player adventure, which means only YOU can win the game. This solitaire, deck-building game is about helping Robinson, who came onshore on your island, fight against many hazards. Your goal is to maximize your deck of ‘fight’ cards in order to build a hand that can defeat the hazards found on the island as well as taking down two pirate ships. Friday is said to be one of the most popular strategy games and involves a lot of thinking but will keep you entertained for hours.

7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders Duel has been adapted from the original version, although the playstyle is still very similar. This two-player game is kind of like a head to head battle which is played over three ‘ages’. This a card drafting game that is played using three decks of cards that feature ancient civilizations, commercial activity, and military conflicts. 7 Wonders Duel is considered to be one of the highest-rated games and has won more than 30 awards. We highly recommend you look into buying this amazing game.


Bandido is a cooperative game that involves a lot of thinking and observation, that can be played by the entire family. Basically, a prisoner is trying to escape through tunnels from underneath his cell. The goal is to join forces with the other player to stop him, with the use of cards. Sound simple? Wait until you get started to see the real challenge…