The Most Outrageous Celebrity Gifts We’ve Ever Seen

Published on 07/19/2019
Outrageous Celeb Gifts

Outrageous Celeb Gifts

When it comes to celebrity gifts, Santa really can’t compete. Well, they do have all the money in the world, so they can afford can splash out on anything! Still, life must be tough for celebrities. They can’t really get away with a simple pair of festive socks. And when celebs date other celebs, they already have everything. So they each have to step up their game to find new and extravagant ways to shower their partners with love. Some celebs have been known drop cool millions on the most show-stopping gifts money can buy. But kudos to these guys who pulled out all the stops! Here is a rundown of the most outrageous presents celebrities have ever gifted to each other.


Jay Z may have 99 problems, but Beyoncé aint one! Each year the sexy songstress finds new, extravagant ways to show her love. In 2010 Beyoncé gifted Jay Z with the fastest car in the world, which was worth a cool $2 million, for his birthday. And the rap mogul Jay-Z certainly returned the favor. For Christmas in 2010, Jay Z rang in the festive cheer by gifting her $350K worth of Birkin bags from Hermes. Still, Bey managed to raise the game in 2012 after the birth of Blue Ivy and bought Jay Z a brand new $40 million jet!

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another superstar who knows how to gift. He once showered his wife Jennifer Garner with a show-stopping seven-carat diamond ring for “being a good mom.” Come to think of it Ben must also have a penchant for Jennifers, and is no stranger to extravagant gifts.When he was dating the Latin pop diva Jennifer Lopez, he once gifted her also a jewel encrusted toilet—complete with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds! We’re not quite sure why, or how, or if he was literally flushing money down the toilet, and we’re sure she once said that “love don’t cost a thing”. But I’m sure she appreciated the elaborate thought behind this one!

Tori Spelling

Some kids like Tori Spelling had it all growing up. Well her father was none other than the uber-producer Aaron Spelling. But there was once thing missing in her Christmas stocking. You see, she grew up in LA and never had a real white Christmas. But that was no sweat for her dad. Rather than going on a family trip to find some snow, Aaron dropped a mere $2 million on a snow machine to deliver tons of fake snow directly to their Beverley Hills mansion. This way Tori and her younger brother could wake up to their own personal winter wonderland. The cutest part is that when Tori had a family of her own, she gave her kids and husband the same gift, so they could relive her childhood wonderland all over again!

Angelina Jolie

Another Santa Mama on this list is Angelina Jolie. The Hollywood A-Lister was struggling to find a gift for Brad Pit one year. Well the power couple did have everything. So when they visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Pennsylvania back in 2006, Angelina realized how much Brad was passionate about architecture. So she just bought him an actual waterfall as a holiday gift! No biggie….just a waterfall guys!

Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise really won the lottery, having Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as parents. Though her parents’ parted ways, we’re sure she always had her fair share of loving gifts growing up. But in 2011, Suri showed signs that she was a little diva in the making when all she wanted for Christmas was $130,000 worth of presents. Really, her holiday list was epic, especially for a five year old! Not content with just a Barbie or a doll’s house, Suri’s lavish wish list included a pony, diamond earrings, and designer gowns “that will make her look like a fairy princess.”

We wonder how they’ll all top these gifts for next year!