Eccentric Celebrity Trends We Can Happily Kiss Goodbye To

Published on 07/23/2019

Every year without fail, the world is swept by a host of weird and wonderful celebrity trends, and some pretty baffling celebrity looks. Now we know that’s their job, as innovative, trend-setting style icons. And we know celebs always have to stay fresh and embrace all the latest eccentric designs and crazes. But sometimes, only these stars can rock these fashion-forward looks. But luckily for us, trends come and go and by next year’s they’ll be so 2008! So let’s take a look at some of the craziest celeb trends and red-carpet looks we’re glad they embraced, but we can happily to kiss goodbye to:


At the world Premier of of “Ocean’s 8”, Sarah Paulson rocked a long neon yellow ensemble, complete with shiny neon feathers. She was joined by her co-star Sandra Bullock, who donned a more neutral-toned, embellished sparkly long dress, but with the signature feathers to match. In fact, throughout 2018 most celebs were spotted in head-to-toe fluorescent looks, including the queen fashionista herself, Kim Kardashian. Although neon looks eye-popping on the red-carpet, and maybe at the gym, or a throw-back 80’s gym party, but it’s quite a hard trend to pull off in real life. So were hoping this is one throw-back ’80s trend they can leave in the closet this year.

Cycling Shorts

While cycling shorts were all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s, we thought these were tucked safely away in the embarrassing family albums forever. That was until they had their big, bad comeback in 2017 and long overstayed their welcome in 2018. While they might be comfy in the gym, unless your a celeb, it’s pretty hard to strut in cycling shorts and make them look stylish on the high-street.

Transparent plastic shoes

Another futuristic-looking trend that had their big comeback in 2018, was transparent, plastic shoes. While they might look trendy in a futuristic-themed catwalk show, that’s kind of the place they belong. Anyone whose tried to embrace this trend in real life, will soon find out that although clear shoes may look sleek, they are often stiff and it’s difficult to wear plastic for long periods of time. Before long those sleek heels can quickly transform into a sweaty and slippery hot mess once you take them for a night out.

Tiny Sunglasses

The world was flooded with tiny sunglasses in 2018, with Kanye, Kim, Kendall and the Hadids all jumping on the tiny band wagon. However, even some celebs were still baffled at why sunglasses have got so small. Mandy King recently tweeted “think we will regret the tiny sunglasses look’. While these may look trendy on Bella Hadid, they don’t suit every face shape, and have a pretty impractical design. They also don’t offer much sun protection. So in 2019, we’re hoping bigger sunglasses will have their big comeback.

While we say farewell to these trends, we can’t wait to see what other eccentric trends are in store for next year!