Why Jennifer Aniston’s New Netflix Movie Is Such A Big Deal

Published on 01/05/2019
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

The streaming giant, Netflix has done it again. Well, it’s managed to drop the trailer for yet another fresh, innovative original movie that challenges everything, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only does it star the legendary American sweetheart herself, Jennifer Aniston, but it also refreshing, inspiring, progressive and challenges archaic beauty standards. So the new movie is called Dumplin’, and here’s why it’s already on our holiday binge-list.


Since the holidays are the season to feel merry, this upcoming comedy promises all the feels and more. Dumplin’ is based on the 2015 best-selling novel by Julie Murphy, and follows the story of Jennifer Aniston, a former beauty queen. Aniston is now a glamorous socialite and local celeb on the pageant circuit. Aniston’s daughter, however is not what we expected. Affectionately nicknamed as Dumplin’ by Aniston, her daughter is Willowdean Dickson, a fabulous plus-size girl played by Danielle Macdonald.

What’s Dumplin’ About?

Tired by the archaic standards of beauty in her hometown of Willowdean and eager to step out of her mother’s shadow, Dumplin’ decided to challenge the whole system. She enters the pageant as part of her quest to set the beauty record straight and face her fears and her haters. In a refreshing twist, she doesn’t feel like she has to change her appearance or lose weight to enter the competition, and in another twist, her mother is also the pageant judge.

Dumplin hopes to alter people’s narrow perception of beauty and does this with the help of a few fabulous friends, including Ellen (Odeya Rush), Disney Channel’s Dove Cameron, Life of the Party’s Luke Benward,  Lost’s Harold Perrineau and Hairspray’s Maddie Baillio. She also enlists the help of a glamorous group of Dolly Parton drag queens, including RuPaul’s Drag Race vet Ginger Minj. Soon we enter the pageant world of high heels, hairspray, dance classes, Dolly Parton and pure movie magic.

Why Is Dumplin’ Such a Big Deal?

Since the trailer was dropped, within 24 hours it sent shock waves through tinsel-town and the gossip channels are already on fire.  That’s perhaps because it’s Jennifer Aniston’s first Netflix original release and we’re all excited. It’s also refreshing, edgy and the discussion we all need in 2018. In the era of body-shaming, insta-models, Kardashians and botox, it feels like pop-culture is all about conforming to an an unrealistic standard of beauty. In a celebration of body positivity, the movie projects how it’s the narrow perception of beauty that needs to be fixed, not us.

Once again, Netflix is ahead of the curve on this one. And we can’t wait to see the movie hit Netflix and certain theaters on December 7!