The Best Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Published on 02/05/2020

Netflix is the perfect way to get the whole family together for quality time. These films are the hottest thing on the market right now and everyone is raving about how entertaining Netflix is these days. Go check out our favorite streaming service for hits like the ones listed, as well as so many more.

Holiday In The Wild (2019)

Kate Conrad is a resident living in Manhatten and plans a second honeymoon for her and her husband after their son goes away to college. Unfortunately for Kate, her husband decided to end their marriage. Kate chooses to go on her African safari where she takes a detour to Zambia. On this detour, Kate and her pilot Derek find a baby elephant that was orphaned. The two bring the animal back to life and Kate decided to stay there through Christmas. Kate loves her lifestyle there that does not involve modern luxuries and instead, beautiful scenery and animals. She may even stay there forever…

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer (2018)+

When an opening is available for Santa’s sleigh, a mini horse named Elliot decides to try out and exceed everyone’s expectations. A feel-good film that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)

When stars Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Torra decide to drive to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of drugs they embark on a journey that leads them in a whole mess of trouble.

The King (2019)

The wayward prince Hal played by Timothée Chalamet gives up his royal duties to live amongst the commoners. Unfortunately, his father passes away and Hal is crowned King Henry V. Hal must take on his new life, forced to adapt to a life he wanted to get away from. He must take on the chaos he was thrown into and also get through his emotional baggage. Featuring many other stars, this film is directed by Michôd, who co-wrote it with Edgerton.