How To Throw A Legendary Super Bowl Party

Published on 08/04/2019

The Super Bowl only comes around once a year, so let’s make sure your party is done right and one to remember. Going to a underwhelming party for the big game is the worst, let’s not disappoint your guests. Planning a noteworthy fiesta is no easy feat, but do not fret, your personal party planners are by your side. With delicious food, top of the line streaming equipment, the best company, the tastiest punch and the most creative decor, your party is sure to score a touchdown…or two.

How To Throw A Legendary Super Bowl Party

The Food

The secret to Super Bowl food is making it easy and utensil-less. Finger-food is the go-to as it is casual, but oh so yummy. Oh, and it pairs perfectly with a cold brew. As far as snacking food goes, you can’t go wrong with chips, pretzels and popcorn. Now comes the much coveted: DIPS! Onion dip, guacamole and salsa will pair amazingly with your salty noshes. For the main course of the meal, aka the half-time fuel, pizza, wings, fries, ribs and mini sliders will leave your guests in a food-coma! But, believe us, they won’t be complaining.

The Experience

The TV and sound system may be one of the most important aspects of your party. Nothing’s worse than a small, bad quality TV with mediocre speakers. Now picture watching the game on a huge, state of the art high-def screen, oh, and with a booming surround sound system. Now, that’s the right way to watch the big game! Also be sure to have enough seating for all of your guests, no one will want to follow play by play from anywhere but your plush couch. Coffee tables and side tables are also a must…where else do you expect us to put our beers?? Finally, set the tone with proper lighting. TV near a window that gets a lot of sun? Install a curtain to keep the sun out, that way you’ll avoid a bad glare. Now with your home prepared for the game, let’s move on to the guest list!

The People

A rowdy atmosphere is the goal…so invite everyone you know! Let coworkers know you’ll be hosting this year, don’t forget to invite your Zumba buddies, oh, and of course mom and dad need to be there, what’s a party without dad’s bad jokes, right? This isn’t meant to be a formal dinner party, so pack the house to its full capacity! Anyone you consider a friend who enjoys free food, booze and likes football (this last one isn’t a requirement) is invited!

The Drinks

Although every category on our list is important to ensure you host an epic Super Bowl party, drinks are up there when it comes to priority. Think about it, what’s a better combination than beer and football?? Make sure to stock your fridge with all different brands and types of beers, and be sure to have some wines and cocktails on deck for those who aren’t fans of the fizzy beverage. Non-alcoholic drinks are a must for the non-drinkers and for your best pal when he has a few too many.

The Decor

Last, but especially not least: the decor. There’s no such thing as having too much football themed paraphernalia, so decorate your heart out! Visit your nearest party store and pick up football plates, cups, napkins, streamers and don’t forget the confetti and face paint! Your guests will feel as though they’ve walked into a professionally decorated party…so get ready for the endless oohs and aahs!

Warning: If all of these steps are followed, this Super Bowl party will be so epic, you’ll be the official host for every game to come…good luck and may the best team (or host) win!