With These Sports You Can Get Your Dream Body

Published on 05/12/2022

Exercise is a great way to change your body. Every sport shapes your body differently. Whether you want a firmer butt, defined arm muscles or a more upright posture: We introduce you to eight popular sports and reveal how they change your figure.


It is not for nothing that we often associate jogging with losing weight: jogging for 60 minutes burns up to 600 calories in the body. But the sport can do even more. Regular jogging improves your condition and trains your whole body. Your leg muscles in particular will get stronger without getting fatter. This will make your legs look more toned. Your stomach will also be properly stressed, and even your arms will be trained. Your back muscles become stronger, which can reduce back pain.


Hiking also improves your condition. The calorie consumption of around 400 calories per 60 minutes is particularly worthwhile if you go on hikes lasting several hours. Regular walking can lead to a slimmer figure. It mainly trains the thighs (especially when walking downhill) and the calves (when walking uphill), sometimes also the butt muscles. Your legs will become visibly stronger.


Swimming is another low-impact option if you’re looking to build muscle and shed fat. By alternating between different swimming techniques, you can train your whole body. Your muscles in the back, chest and shoulders will become stronger and thus a bit broader, your bottom and legs will also be trained. This will tighten your whole body. With 60 minutes of brisk swimming, your body burns up to 430 calories.


Cycling primarily strengthens your endurance muscles. The result is great slim legs and a firm bottom. Your calf muscles in particular are defined. Cycling improves your condition and is easy on the joints. In 60 minutes, cycling burns about 350 calories.


Coordination and stamina are improved when surfing. You get strong shoulders, upper arms and thighs and a great butt. The stomach is constantly tensed to keep the balance, so that the trunk is also trained. Your figure will become slimmer, your body toned. In 60 minutes, surfing burns about 400 calories.


Regular climbing will make your body muscular and beautifully defined. Your arms and shoulders in particular, but also your bottom and thighs will be properly trained. The core muscles are constantly tight, and certain movements even activate the chest muscles. In 60 minutes of climbing, your body burns about 500 calories.


In tennis, your arms and shoulders in particular are trained and increase in size. The torso is also stressed, and the quick changes of direction and short sprints in particular demand your leg muscles, especially your thighs. Unfortunately, the training is a bit one-sided, since many movements are only carried out with the right or left. In 60 minutes, tennis burns about 350 calories


Regularly practiced yoga is a great all-round program for your body. It makes you more flexible and ensures lean, defined muscles. In yoga, you mainly train your arms and shoulders. But it also demands your deep muscles and conjures up a flat, toned stomach and a slim waist. Your posture becomes more upright and you radiate more self-confidence. Yoga can also help with back pain and relieve period pain. Depending on the type of yoga, 90 minutes use up to 800 calories.