Tips For More Exercise In Your Everyday Life

Published on 07/11/2021

Adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You don’t even have to sweat for it. A slight activation is enough for a healthy effect: You strengthen your immune system, improve your posture and go through everyday life fitter overall. Our practical tips will help you to bring regular exercise into your everyday life and to make it a habit.

Tips For More Exercise In Your Everyday Life

Walk Short Distances

Take the opportunity to just walk short distances. If you walk instead of sitting in the car, bus or train, you have already done something for your health. A fitness tracker app can serve as motivation. Set a daily step goal in it and make short-distance running a habit.

Take A Walk After Lunch

Surely you know the saying “After eating you should rest or take a thousand steps.” You now of course decide to take a short walk after dinner. After a hearty lunch, take a walk around the house. Exercising in the fresh air can aid digestion and make you feel fit and alert again.

Taking The Stairs Instead Of Escalator

Walking up the stairs is one of the most effective fitness exercises that we can incorporate into our everyday lives. It can strengthen the leg muscles and tendons. But escalators or elevators are much more convenient. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take only the stairs from now on. Start slowly and, for example, only walk two floors at first. Gradually increase when you feel that it is the right time for you.

Housework As A Fitness Exercise

Yes, also the annoying household work can increase your movement level. When doing household work such as cleaning the apartment, cleaning the dishwasher, or vacuuming, you are definitely burning some calories. For example, you can turn on the music and clean the apartment while dancing, or you can combine emptying the dishwasher with a few squats.

Use The Bike More Often

Short distances can be walked on foot, but for medium distances, you can also use your bike. The exercise of cycling is good for the knee joint and strengthens the surrounding muscle groups. So it is definitely worth it to leave the car behind once more.

Be Active While Watching TV

Do you like to watch series and movies? Then don’t make yourself comfortable on the couch anymore. Instead, roll out the yoga mat and do a few stretching or strength exercises on the side. If you have an exercise bike, you can also place the device in front of the TV set and cycle a few kilometers while watching TV.

Use Work Breaks For Exercise

If you have to sit for a long time, you can simply rock your feet under the table: from tiptoe to heel and back again. This movement activates the calf muscles and can have a positive effect on the veins. Use short breaks from work to get up and stretch your legs.