Glute Isolation Home Tips And Tricks

Published on 09/24/2020

We are all well aware with the latest fad of having that tight toosh, and booty gains are making their rounds as somewhat the hottest trend in fitness. With this being said we have easily seen how booty bands, exercises, and programs have made there way across social media and the fitness world. However, it is not simply just working your glutes and doing a few squats- many people due to their body shape need glute isolation exercises in order to prevent their eggs from gaining size too. The illusion of a bigger butt is halted when your legs are gaining muscle too, this is simply some individuals’ body structure. Here are some fantastic glute isolation exercises you can even do at home. It should be noted that you can increase the intensity of all exercises by doing more reps and more sets, this is important if using body weight and working out at home.

Glute Isolation Home Tips And Tricks

Hip Thrust

Hip thrusts can be hard at home as using six-packs of water and other devices simply are not making up the weight you need, however, do what you can as they are one of the best glute isolating exercises out there. Try different variations of hip thrusts, add resistance bands, and open your knees when thrusting upwards, hold for 10-20 seconds at the end of each set. Moroever another position is lying flat on the ground with the soles of your feet against one another and knees in a diamon position, thrust upwards, squeeze and hold.

Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Bridges are great for both your glutes and hamstrings but using the single-leg method simply increases the intensity of the exercise. Start the position by lying flat with your knees bent and your bum raised off of the ground. Then pick your one leg up and straighten, now proceed up and down using your hips and squeezing those glutes as you go. Hold up for a second and squeeze before proceeding downwards.

Banded Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants build the outside of one’s glutes and also target that small spot on your thigh that carries a little extra fat. Begin on all fours and place a band just above your knees. You then use your outer thigh and glute muscle to move your knee open and closed. Be sure to squees as ou open your knee outwards. This is being done at a ninety-degree angle. repeat 20 reps on each side.


Rainbows tone the outer sides of your glutes and your thighs. These assist in lifting your bum and toning, they also manage some of the toughest areas all in one go which is super helpful. You start on all fours, point your toes, and extend one leg behind you. You then raise this leg to the ceiling and slowly down to the floor, squeezing your glutes as you raise that leg. You can make this harder by adding ankle weights to your legs if you feel strong enough. Repeat reps of 20 each side.