This Is Why You Should Work Out With Your Significant Other

Published on 07/07/2020
This Is Why You Should Work Out With Your Significant Other

This Is Why You Should Work Out With Your Significant Other

For millions of people, fitness is no longer a trend they forget about after a while, but a way of life. It’s a great thing to see unfold, honestly. On top of that, what’s also growing is the number of couples who are going to the gym together. Well, they seem to have the right idea. Going to the gym together as a couple, or just working out together in general has some incredible benefits for the relationship. While there is still more research to be done on the matter, it has been found by several studies that couples who sweat together have a higher chance of staying together. The question is, why?

It Keeps You Accountable

We’ve all had those times when it feels like the most difficult thing to do to get out of bed in the morning and hit the gym or go for a run. Having a partner who is just as committed to working out as you can help both of you keep to the plan without skipping workouts as much as you would alone.

It Gives You More Time Together

Life can get really busy sometimes, or even all the time. With work, kids, and friends, it can get difficult to make time for you and your partner. Oftentimes, you have the best intentions with “date nights” but at times even those can get pushed off. However, when you’re prioritizing exercising, you most likely already have the time built into your schedule. By making a set time in the day to work out, you’ll also be getting some time with your significant other. Of course, spending more time together will strengthen your bond.

It Deepens Your Emotional Bond

Psychologists have discovered that one way to feel like you’re bonding with your partner is by coordinating actions with them. It’s called “nonverbal mimicry”. By “matching” your actions with someone else, it will help the bond between the two of you get stronger. Think about running together or lifting weights. These exercises will require the same movements from both of you. Of course, this will benefit both of you.

It Will Give You Better Results

Aside from making you more accountable, working out with your partner will improve your results as well. Having someone to work out with will push you to work harder since there is someone who is “watching”. Not to mention, when you care about your own fitness goals as well as your partner’s, it will be easier to reach your goals. The support you both give each other is a great motivator. Of course, working out with someone you love is also more enjoyable, which will help you achieve better results by simply having more fun exercising.

It Improves Your Relationship

Studies have shown that couples who exercise together end up “feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner”. It might not seem like it when you think about it, but exercising together is an intimate thing. Not to mention, sharing a common goal will also build strength in the relationship that wouldn’t have been formed in another way. Essentially, exercising together forms a positive bond between the two of you.