6 Fashion Trends For Spring And Summer 2023

Published on 03/14/2023

Every season the most important and largest fashion houses present their new collections during fashion weeks and major fashion fairs. Among other things, they create fashion trends that shape the styles of the world for at least six months. We present you the most important looks of the season, but also explain which fashion trends in spring/summer 2023 will dominate.


Normcore is the new hardcore. You don’t have to wear the loudest design to play in the big leagues this spring and summer. Sometimes a basic is absolutely sufficient, as long as you only use the best possible and technically most valuable variant.

Pure Minimalism

You will surely be wondering what the term “pure minimalism” is all about among the many fashion trends. But don’t worry, you may not know the name yet. Because in order to describe this look in the best possible way, we had to invent a term without further ado. Because: Minimalism could be seen in almost every collection of the big designers: inside and was similar in one point above all: drama. At Max Mara, for example, it was the beautiful toques and XXL hats, which, by the way, mutated into a trend of their own at the same time


It’s almost typical for spring and summer collections that the skin plays a major role. Of course, cut-outs, shorts, minis and narrow straps also dominated the runway this season, but the countless bralettes were particularly present. The bralettes drew larger references from the lingerie trend from labels such as Gucci or Dior, which sent their models onto the catwalk in black and combined them with statement skirts. Trust us, it will be worth investing in at least one of these basics.


Summer wouldn’t be summer if it weren’t peppered with wonderful summer materials. Linen and silk are of course among the eternal classics that we always see in the collections. Even more exciting, however, is this new addition to the fashion trends: crocheted goods. We saw that these can very well be looks for hot days (and not just end up as winter knitwear) at Hermès, among others, who presented this wonderful outfit consisting of a tube dress and a crocheted vest.


The interplay of trend pieces and slow sellers is nothing new in fashion. The latest example of this about-face are cargo pants and patch bellows pockets. This season trousers, skirts or coats with staged storage space are one of the biggest fashion trends and are omnipresent, but – and this is the irony – there is nothing in them. Too big a risk of destroying the silhouette of the flowy Fendi cargo pants that are on everyone’s wish list.


In addition to the many trend colors for spring/summer 2023 (purple in particular will play an essential role this year), one parallel in the many collections particularly caught our eye: silver. After many seasons in which gold played a central role on the catwalks, we now primarily saw silver outfits in every variety. Particularly elegant highlights were the many shimmering looks presented by Giorgio Armani in this trend color during his last show