What You Should Have In Mind Before Your Third Date

Published on 11/28/2021

The third date is coming up, and you are a little unsure about what to expect, how to deal with the situation and how to behave? Do not worry! We will help you to prepare yourself perfectly for the third date!

What You Should Have In Mind Before Your Third Date


Proximity and physical contact are absolutely essential if something should happen between you and the man at some point. Touch creates closeness, trust and solidarity. Touch is what makes the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship, which could then turn into a love relationship. So if you don’t want the goodbye hug to be the only touch at the end of your date, the location should be chosen so that touch and body contact is possible.

Everything Is Possible, Nothing Is Necessary!

There are many women who don’t feel ready for intimacy even on the third date. If you still want to wait, don’t be afraid to tell him. He’ll understand and accept this – if not, he’s not worth it. Because of this, you shouldn’t be too worried. Just don’t start planning the first night of love together in great detail.
Better go about it with ease and serenity! Everything is possible, nothing is necessary!


You can start the evening relaxed with a delicious cocktail in a bar. The relaxed atmosphere will make it easier for you to steer your date in the desired direction. If you tune the music, and it is not too loud, the surrounding guests are in a good mood, and the distance to your counterpart becomes shorter, the third date can be a complete success.

A Movie?

The typical classic – watch a movie comfortably on the couch or in bed in a nocturnal atmosphere. The only question left is: which film is best? Too much romance could leave the wrong impression, too much action or horror could in turn cool the mood. Therefore, the comedy genre is definitely a safe area. A little tip: When you are supposed to choose a film, simply think about a selection of around three films that you consider suitable. Your data partner can then have the last word.

A Home Cocked Meal?

It is well known that love goes through the stomach. You can earn decent points with a delicious dinner even if you are not a gifted cook with years of experience. Of course, he can help you become your personal cook. Avoid the complicated recipes because you don’t want any distraction or stress from unsuccessful cooking attempts because the evening should ultimately revolve around the date. So the motto of the evening should be: As little effort as possible.

No Pressure

The worst thing you could do is to put pressure on yourself about something or someone and to pretend. Stay relaxed and open and just enjoy your date. Forget all the expectations and rules that were placed on you and have fun. He will also notice if you try to be something you are not. Do things the way they feel good to you. Your partner will also be more relaxed when he realizes that you are who you are. This will also create a much more positive atmosphere!