Heartwarming Then & Now Photos of Pets and Their Owners

Published on January 4, 2019

A dog, or any pet for that matter, is a man/woman’s best friend. Pets give people so much love, emotional support, and countless cuddles. Whether you failed your public health exam, launched your first online business, won the lotto, or are just feeling blah, you can count on pets to always be there for you. The relationship/connection between a pet and their owner is one-of-a-kind. From childhood to adulthood, we’ve collected some of the furriest, cutest, and funniest photos of pets and their owners.

Look Ma No Hands!

And finally, the grand finale! The excitement on their faces is enough in itself. They know they’re trick is awesome – then and now!

Look Ma No Hands

Look Ma No Hands

Yikes! Where’d My Puppy Go?

Yikes is right! I think this girl just realized that her “puppy” is not so much of a puppy anymore. She’ll still love him just as much, no matter if he looks more like a grizzly bear then a dog.

Not A Puppy Anymore

Not A Puppy Anymore

The Human Dog Pyramid.

Check us out! After years and years of practice we have finally perfected the pyramid. If one of them gains/loses weight they may have to switch positions.

Piggy Back Ride

Piggyback Ride


Not only did their looks get better with age, but so did their beaming smiles. I mean could the dogs smile be any cuter (bottom photo)?

Smiles And More Smiles


Great Minds Do Think Alike.

Pacifier or no pacifier, these two are always on the same wave length, literally. Putting two heads together, will ensure that these two make money in no time.

Head To Head

Great Minds Think Alike

An Unforgettable 13 Years.

A genuine friendship can be hard to find, and really hard to maintain. This does not seem like the case for this gal and her pup. Cheers to many more years of a lasting friendship!

13 Yesrs Of Friendship

13 Years Friends

Our Spot.

Isn’t it crazy how one location (one position) can bring back the same feelings that you experienced the first time? Even if it’s in the middle of a railroad track… But regardless, look at both of their smiles. So happy to be back where it all began!

A Walk Down Traintrack Lane

Oh the memories


16 years later and they still got style (well at least the owner does)! Of course the “selfie” didn’t exist back in 1996, but we have no doubt that if it was not only would the hairstyles be the same, but also their pose. We can hear it now, “Let’s take a selfie!”

16 Years Later

16 Years Later

Dad, You Know I Don’t Like Taking Pictures.

The maturity of that both the yellow lab and owner has of course progressed, but the liking of taking photos not so much. Maybe next time try without flash?

Ah You Know I Dont Like Taking Pictures

Dad, You Know I Dont Like Taking Pictures

Not So Pocket-size Anymore.

We aren’t sure the year difference from the top and bottom photo, but wow did that turtle get big! Looks like her little turtle is going to need a bigger cage, or even his own aquarium.

Used To Be Pocket Size

Used To Be Pocket Size

Friends & Brother For Life.

Introducing the newest (furriest) boy band. Their first hit song, “Friends & Brothers For Life,” will be released sometime next week. Get your CD while you can!

14 Years Later

Friends & Brothers

Army Brats.

How lucky are these two that they got enlisted for the army the same day? Don’t worry the dog wasn’t in charge of holding the gun. Instead he used his cute little puppy face to distract the bad guys.

Army Friends

Army Brats

Old Navy Ad.

Well the facial expression did not change one bit (we’re talking about the boy), but the amount of grass sure did. Maybe this explains why the dog looks so sad (right photo), no grass = nowhere to play or pee.

Dogs Are Family For Life

Old Navy Ad

Brace Face.

A photo filled with a lot of love, straight teeth, big hugs, and silly dog faces. Look how silly this pup looks sticking out his tongue.

No More Braces

No More Braces

You’ll Always Be My Baby.

Flannel shirt, check. Mustache and beard, check. Dog secured tightly in arms, check. Dog looking very scared and uncomfortable, check, check. Besides the size of the dog (and the guy’s hat), these two photos are almost identical.

Will Always Be My Baby

Will Always Be My Baby

Show and Tell.

The “proudest turtle owner” prize goes to this boy. If he hasn’t already brought the turtle in for show and tell he really should. Look how massive his little turtle got!



Switching Places.

This is one of our most favorite “then and now” photos. The first picture the dog is looking at his new baby sister, watching over her, and then in the second picture his baby sister (now toddler) is watching over him. Then and now, these two will always have each others backs.

Switching Places

Switching Places

Patience is a Virtue.

After years of begging for a treat, this furry faced (super cute) puppy’s begging days are long gone. His patience has successfully granted him an endless amount of treats.

The Older You Get The More Treats You Get

Patience is a Virtue

Wait, Is This My Cat?

This boy seems confused, and slightly concerned, that the cat he’s holding (right photo) is not his childhood cat. Actually, he looks super confused in both pictures. Who’s cat did this boy steal?

Wait Is This My Cat

Wait Is This My Cat

I Love My Dog.

There is nothing sweeter or more genuine then the friendship between a dog and his owner. Looking at this photo makes us a tad envious of their special bond.

Better With Age

I Love My Dog


The owner enjoyed having his dog wrapped around his neck so much, that there was not question of reenacting it years later. And well folks, here it is. Job well done!

Why Buy A Scarf When You Can This Furry Guy


Wherever I Go, He Goes.

Even if it’s to the 4th of July parade, this little Chihuahua is attached to her hip.

Wherever I Go He Goes

Wherever I Go, He Goes

The Best Pillow.

In addition to the baby becoming a studious young man, the puppy growing into a larger puppy, we also can tell which photo came first thanks to the paper-back book developing into an iPod. Technology at its finest!

Still The Best Pillow

The Best Pillow

Swinging Forever and Ever.

Through thick and thin, this swing has become a staple in their life. When they’re on the swing nothing else matters.

Swing Pals For Life

Swinging Forever and Ever

From Blonde to Strawberry Blonde.

Whenever she gets highlights, or uses a blow-dryer, the same applies for this cute fluffy doggie. Even dogs can become your twin sister.

Strawberry Blonde Twins

From Blonde to Strawberry Blonde

Rock A Bye Baby.

The result of hearing “Rock A Bye Baby” on the radio. This has been happening for over 10 years now, why stop now?

Rock A By Baby

Rock A Bye Baby

The 3 Amigas.

It looks like they haven’t moved a muscle (or finger point) since the first picture was taken, right? We’re surprised that the pink helmet still fits on her head.

The 3 Amigas

The 3 Amigas

We Still Got It.

Weight is irrelevant for this owner and her cat. They loved how the picture turned out the first time they just had to duplicate the same pose.

We Still Got It

We Still Got It

Same Same But Different.

Same dog, same tan cool dude. In fact, the way that he is holding the dog is even the same.. look at the position of his arm/hand.

Same Dog Same Guy

Same Same But Different

Selfie Time.

What’s the “now and then” in this picture you ask? His new plaid shirt of course! Oh and also, the cat’s confidence. Clearly this kitty’s confidence has risen since the first picture.


Selfie Time.

When It Comes To Love, Size Doesn’t Matter.

This folks, is my dream dog! From his cute, squishy, little puppy face (left), to his fluffy, oh so cuddly, big body (right), this owner is so lucky to call this guy his dog. He’ll keep on holding him no matter what his weight is.

Size Doesnt Matter When It Comes To Love

When It Comes To Love, Size Doesn’t Matter

Let’s Play Dress Up!

Just like her, this pup is also a sports fanatic. Football Sunday is his favorite day of the week.

My Dress Up Buddy

My Dress Up Buddy

Right In The Nook.

I think this spotted pup has found his favorite place to sleep, and he’ll never give it up. But hey, they both look content and comfortable – a win win situation.

Right In The Nook

Right in the nook

Every Year, Just As Comfy.

No way these two can be split up, especially at bedtime. They first discovered this comfortable position back in 1995, and even now they won’t try to sleep any other way.

Just As Cozy

Just As Cozy

Head Lock.

You see what happens over time, one gets stronger while the other gets smaller and weaker. But I guess they got even with each other, even though the little boy definitely looks like he is using more strength with his head lock.

Head Lock

Head Lock

A Kodak Moment.

Truly a picture perfect moment! Age has done very (very) well for both of these beauties. I as well would totally be down to take a “before and after” picture if my dog and I looked like these two.

Kodak Moment

Kodak Moment

He’s a Lap Dog.

Once a puppy, always a puppy. Some two year old puppies can weigh 110+, while others can weigh only like 20 lbs. So how the heck are they supposed to know there is a weight limit to being a lap dog? He looks happy, so we vote he stays on her lap.

Lap Dog

Lap Dog

Model Behavior.

They are more then ready to be featured on the next edition of Vogue. Better yet, they should tell Vogue to start a new edition to their magazine, the “dog” edition. They’ve got their cover right here.


Model Behavior


As they got older, their tricks got better. I don’t think this trick would be as impressive when the dog was just a puppy. But look how far they’ve come.

Gets Cuter With Age


A Picture Worth 1,000 Hugs.

Are these pictures not just to die for? Their positions and smiles go perfectly together. A perfect match!

Precious Moments

Precious Moments